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New Antique Item #C1632

Durs Egg Exceptional Cased Shotgun

  • Price: $5,995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    We are pleased to offer an exceptional example of the work of Durs Egg who was one of the most famous London gunmakers of the early nineteenth century.  The piece is a percussion 16 gauge shotgun t

Sold Antique Item #C1989

Snider MK III Short Rifle & Bayonet

  • Description:

    Canadian issue Short Snider rifle.  This BSA rifle was built and dated 1872 and was one of the rifles sent directly to Canada.  All original BSA parts.  The finish is an overall blue/brown with cle

New Antique Item #C2491

Swiss MD 1869/71 Antique Rifle

  • Price: $595.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 17875 is a Swiss Model 1869/71, 41 Swiss rim fire rifle.  This piece shows a 33" barrel with a bright,very good bore.  Matching action and wood.  The wood is sound showing no breaks and clear pr

New Antique Item #C1903

Canadian Snider MKIII Carbine

  • Price: $1,350.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Canadian issue MK III Cavalry Carbine SN 4159 on bottom of the breech block.  This piece shows the 19" barrel with smooth mottled finish (mix mostly blue with spots turning plum).

New Antique Item #C1887

Burnside Civil War 2nd Model Carbine

  • Price: $2,150.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Sn 1233 is a seldom encountered 2nd Model Burnside carbine.  This series of carbines are named after the U.S.

New Antique Item #C1888

Barnett Percussion Military 6 Bore Railgun

  • Price: $2,150.00 CAD
  • Description:

    We are pleased to offer a very unusual heavy barrel percussion Rail gun built by Bannett London.  Several hours of research has failed to locate a similar item.  This piece shows an overall length

New Antique Item #C1970

1865 Spencer Rifle Canadian Issue

  • Price: $6,595.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Serial # 34 is a 1865 Canadian issue Spencer rifle.  This item is a very scarce Canadian military rifle.

New Antique Item #C2440

Martini Henry Prison or Riot Smooth Bore Rifle

  • Price: $750.00 CAD
  • Description:

    A less common variation of the Martini Henry rifle converted to smooth bore for use in prisons and or riot control.  This piece shows the full 33 1/4" barrel with the barrel bored out to take the b

New Antique Item #C2429

Antique Belgium Trade Gun

  • Price: $750.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Belgium built large bore flintlock.  This piece shows a 33 5/8" round barrel with a reinforced octagonal breech marked Kirkland's Guns and made in Belgium.  This piece shows a 10 gauge excellent sm

New Antique Item #C1870

Snider MK III Cavalry Carbine

  • Price: $1,595.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 188 is an excellent example of a Snider MKIII carbine.  This piece shows a bright excellent 577 caliber bore, in the steel MKIII barrel.  It is mounted with the correct sights and shows an overa

New Antique Item #C1898

Remington Split Breech 50 Caliber Carbine

  • Price: $1,995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    #2391 is a Remington Old Model Carbine (split breech) .  This second model was chambered in the 56-50 spencer rim fire cartridge.  The split breech carbines were the Grandfather pieces to the famou

New Antique Item #C2422

Snider Short Rifle With Brass

  • Price: $750.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Snider short rifle, 577 caliber with bright very good plus bore that should make an excellent shooter.  The barrel action and stock are correct short rifle MKII**.  The butt shows trace of the orig

Antique Item #C1826

Sharps Hankins Cavalry Carbine

  • Price: $2,895.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 9077 is an above average example of the Sharps & Hankins Cavalry Carbine.  Frank Sellers in his book" Sharps Rifles" at page 173 indicated 500 produced.  Flayderman indicated 1000.  Sellers

Antique Item #C1827

Sharps & Hankins 1862 Navy Carbine

  • Price: $1,995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 12436 is a Model 1862 Sharps & Hankins Navy Carbine.  This example shows 95% of its original leather barrel cover in place.  The 24" barrel shows a strong bore with overall light corrosion a

Antique Item #C2380

Germanic Original Flint Wall Gun

  • Price: $3,995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Antique European original flint wall gun.  This piece shows a massive 44" octagonal barrel that measures 2" across the base and 1 1/2" across the muzzle with a 3/4" bore.  The breech shows a number

Antique Item #C2379

Antique Belgium Model 1867 Rifle

  • Price: $1,195.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Antique Belgium Albini-Broendlin Model 1867, 11 X 50 Rmm, converted percussion rifle.  This rifle saw service for a very short period of time.  It was replaced by the 1870 Comblain rifle.  This rif

Item #C1718

Starr Carbine Canadian Issue

  • Price: $2,695.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Antique rare Canadian issue Starr Carbine WD broad arrow marked.  This is one of 228 carbines that remained with the Canadian militia.  The 21" barrel shows a bright very good to excellent bore in

Antique Item #C1037

Identified NFLD Sealing/Birding Gun with Powder Horn

  • Price: $945.00 CAD
  • Description:

    This is a percussion about 9 bore Identified Newfoundland sealing or birding gun.  Overall length is 65" with a 48 3/4" part round/octagon barrel showing English proofs on the left barrel flat.  Th

Sold Antique Item #C2335

Enfield Snider MKII

  • Description:

    Antique Canadian issued Snider.  This example is a MK 2 two star built by London Armory Co.

Antique Item #C2317

French Model 1777 Dragoon Musket

  • Price: $2,395.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Dragoon Musket Model 1777 was built from 1777 to 1818 and was issued and used by various units from Dragoons to Light Infantry, mounted and artillery units  This example was built at Liege as per t

Antique Item #C2239

Indian Trade Gun Gift From The Crown

  • Price: $5,950.00 CAD
  • Description:

    An exceptional Indian Trade Gun built by Ketland Walker & Co London.  This partnership of Thomas Ketland and William Walker operated from Weaman Row from 1799 to 1812.  This exceptional example