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New Non-restricted Item #C4173

Delux Ruger 10/22 DSP Rifle

  • Price: $695.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 234-26995 is a collector grade 10/22 Sporter built in 1991,with 18 1/2" barrel, bright excellent bore, showing little actual usage. This rifle is mounted with a checkered American walnut stock. 

New Item #C4176

German Military Oilers

  • Price: $125.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Item 1 & 2 - Original WW2 German cleaning kits.  Each comes in original can with hinged top.  Complete with original oiler, chain pull through, brushhog and cleaning tools.  Both appear to be l

Sold Non-restricted Item #C4171

Ruger #1 45-70 Caliber Rifle

  • Description:

    SN 132-86640 is a Model #1, 22" barrel, 45-70 lightweight A type rifle.  Bright excellent plus bore.  The finish remains in excellent condition, 99%+.  The rifle shows it's factory front and rear s

Sold Item #C4183

Canadian 1950-1960's Issue Helmet

  • Description:

    A canadian issue U.S. helmet with remnants of original netting.  Ref. fig 235 pg .135 "Tangled Web" by Jack Summers.  The helmet and liner remain in excellent condition.

New Restricted Item #C4181

Rugar New Model Single Six 22 Revolver

  • Price: $645.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 64-01737 is an excellent plus example of a Super Single Six revolver with  6 1/2" barrel, 98% plus original finish, bright excellent bore.  Note: This example was built in 1975.  The New Model S

New Non-restricted Item #C4166

Lee Enfield # 5 MKI Jungle Carbine

  • Price: $995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN H1354 is a WW2 Jungle Carbine built Feb/1945.  The example shows matching bolt, receiver and stock. Built at Fazakerley, this carbine shows a bright excellent 303 caliber bore.

Sold Item #C4168

Original Model 1918 Belt Box

  • Description:

    AN excellent example of the 1917 belt box.  Painted olive  drab, original leather handle, this box shows the 45 degree cut to fit the 1918 MG tripod.  The interior shows little usage with bright pa

Sold Non-restricted Item #C4158

H&R 24 Gauge Single Barrel Shotgun

  • Description:

    SN 96111 is a H&R shot gun in 24 gauge.  Barrel is 28" and marked 24 gauge choked.  The bore is bright very good and should clean to very good plus or excellent.  The metal shows blue/grey with

New Item #C4167

Germain WW2 MG 15 Oiler

  • Price: $150.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Excellent example of a MG 15 oiler.  Built by and stamped J. Deal over D.R.C.M.  This piece shows most of it's original as built finish.  Sound tight spout and brass cap.  Not a common oiler.

New Item #C4180

Arabian Silver Mounted Jambiya Dagger

  • Price: $950.00 CAD
  • Description:

    An antique vintage silver mounted dagger.  This appears to be a tribal Yemen Arabian knife.  This example shows a double edged 7 1/2" blade with wood grip embellished on the exterior side with unpo

Sold Antique Item #C4161

Dean Harding Cased Revolver

  • Description:

    SN 6532L is an exceptional  example of a Dean Harding 2nd Model percussion revolver.  The Harding revolver was patented on May 24, 1858.  For the benefit of the readers and future owner, we have in

New Item #C4169

William Rogers Double Edge Fighting Knife

  • Price: $145.00 CAD
  • Description:

    William Rogers, Sheffield, England marked "1Cut My Way".  These were built circa 1940-1950's as a fighting knife.  Overall length 10", blade 51/2".  The blade shows obvious use, sharpened many time

Sold Item #C4170

Winchester Chokes

  • Description:

    New in package Winchester chokes ,12 gauge, 1 full & 1 modified with tool.  New condition.

Sold Item #C4154

Deactivated Sten MK 3 Submachine Gun

  • Description:

    SN # 34065 is a deactivated MK3 British WW2 weapon.  The Mark 3 was built in fewer numbers then the MKII.  A less common Sten in Canada.  This piece was deactivated to meet all current standards.

Sold Item #C4165

Krag Rifle Parts

  • Description:

    1.  Loading door  $65                              2.  Hinge pin assembly   $60                    3.   Follower spring   $40

New Non-restricted Item #C4155

Mossberg International 702 Plinkster

  • Price: $195.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Mossberg International 702 Plinkster, 22 caliber semi automatic rifle.  18" barrel, 10 shot mag (LR only).  This piece shows a built in scope rail.  The rifle appears to be unused.  Overall excelle

New Item #C4162

Lugar Issue Holster

  • Price: $250.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Lugar holster, this item shows exterior black finish.  The interior shows brown leather and tool pouch.  The only marking is the remnents of an ink stamp on the interior cover.  This appears to be

New Non-restricted Item #C3992

Winchester 1886 38-56 Caliber

  • Price: $1,350.00 CAD
  • Description:

    This 1886 shows caliber 38-56 introduced by 1887.  This example shows the tang showing SN 6.  This is the remnants of it's original serial number .  This example shows a full mag and octagon barrel

Sold Antique Item #C4146

Outstanding Martini-Henry MKI Rifle

  • Description:

    We are pleased to offer one of the finest examples of a Martini-Henry MKI rifle that we have encountered.  Dated 1873, this Martini was built at Enfield and shows all the early features.  Brass bre