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New Non-restricted Item #C3966

Remington No 6 Boy's Rifle 32 RF

  • Price: $395.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN S276572 is one of the 497,233 #6 Boy's rifles built from 1901 to 1933.  The 20" barrel shows a bright, good plus, shootable bore, 32 short or long RF.  The barrel shows clear markings and a blue

Sold Non-restricted Item #C3959

Ross 1905 Parts Rifle

  • Description:

    Ross 1905 rifle that was partially sporterized by some prior owner.  This rifle would be the ideal candidate for a rebuilding project.  This example shows excellent blue on the barrel, case color o

Sold Non-restricted Item #C3956

Cooey Model 39 By Winchester 22 Caliber

  • Description:

    NSN is a Cooey 39 with barrel markings Winchester Canada Ltd.  This little single shot shows a 22" barrel with 80% blue and a bright excellent bore.  The wood is sound and devoid of any cracks or m

New Non-restricted Item #C3928

Winchester 1894 French Variation

  • Price: $1,895.00 CAD
  • Description:

    NSN appears on this 1894 Winchester.  This carbine appears to be a variation of the Winchester's that were incorrectly identified as a Belgium contract (Madis, page 394).  This well used piece is n

New Non-restricted Item #C3920

Civil War Gallager Coverted to Shotgun

  • Price: $375.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Civil War Gallager carbine converted to 12 gauge shotgun,originally built as a single shot carbine as a secondary Civil War weapon.  Patten dated 1860, SN 19319, this piece was converted to a 12 ga

Sold Non-restricted Item #C3904

Winchester 1895 Rifle 35 WCF Collector Grade

  • Description:

    SN 376312 is an excellent plus example of a Winchester Model 1895 rifle.  This rifle was built in 1916 but remains in overall excellent condition.  This example shows a 24" barrel with clear crisp

New Non-restricted Item #C2901

Custom Soviet Nagant Dragoon Rifle

  • Price: $575.00 CAD
  • Description:

    WA 4567 is a 1941 dated Russian Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant Dragoon rifle rebuilt into a sniper/target rifle.  This 7.62 X54 R rifle shows a 28.75" barrel with both sights removed and showing a bright

New Non-restricted Item #C3455

Winchester 1894 Rifle in 38-55

  • Price: $895.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 176403 is a 1894 standard rifle built 1903 as per the polishing room records.  This example shows a 26" round barrel with an overall corroded bore with rifling.  This example shows no modificati

Non-restricted Item #C3889

10 Gauge Belgium Built Market Gun

  • Price: $495.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 1507 is a single barrel 10 gauge market gun.  The barrel is 40 1/2" long, the chamber is 3" , 10 gauge.  The barrel  is octagonal to round 13" and shows a makers name, W.

Non-restricted Item #C3872

Winchester 1886 33 WCF Rifle

  • Price: $2,195.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Sn 138052 is a 1905 built 1886 rifle in 33 WCF caliber.  The barrel is standard for the 33 caliber rifle, 24" rapid taper with the less common full magazine.  The bore rates  as bright excellent. 

Non-restricted Item #C3905

Holland & Holland "Royal" Double Rifle

  • Price: $49,995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    We are pleased to offer a Holland double rifle SN 19353 that has never been offered for sale on the Canadian market.  This rifle was built in 1907 for one 'Mr.

Non-restricted Item #C3700

Remington Model 14 32 Rem Rifle

  • Price: $695.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN C30221 is a slide action Remington Model 14.  This model was built from 1912 to 1919.  This example shows a bright excellent 32 rem.

Non-restricted Item #C3668

Iver Johnson Shotgun Canadian Built

  • Price: $275.00 CAD
  • Description:

    An above average Iver Johnson Champion 12 gauge shot gun.  This example shows a 30" barrel, full choke, 2 3/4 chambers with 90% plus original blue.  The frame shows case colors and Iver Johnson's C

Non-restricted Item #C3722

Marlin 1893 Barrel and Receiver

  • Price: $250.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 107022 is a barrel/action unit for the 20"  Marlin carbine.  This example shows the single word (firearms) barrel marking.  Bright, very good bore.  The 1893 serial numbers were stamped on the f

Non-restricted Item #C3641

Cooey Built 25 Caliber Eatonia Parts Rifle

  • Price: $200.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Cooey Canuck built for Eatons Department stores and marked Eatonia.  18" barrel with light corrosion but very shootable 25 caliber RF bore. Sound bolt and action,front sight modified.

Non-restricted Item #C3538

1895 Winchester Carbine Special Order

  • Price: $1,895.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 28026 is an interesting and scarce special order Winchester 1895 carbine.  This carbine was shipped from the factory in Oct of 1900.  The carbine was refinsihed at some point in time by a prior

Non-restricted Item #C3508

1894 Takedown Winchester 32-40

  • Price: $2,495.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 175856 is an 1894 Winchester rifle built in 1900 per Madis and 1903 as per polishing room records.  This is a slightly scarcer variation of the 1894 with a full size take down mag.  The barrel i

Non-restricted Item #C3382

Professional Custom Lee Enfield No 5 Carbine

  • Price: $1,195.00 CAD
  • Description:

    S# T9432  is an example of a customized Lee Enfield carbine built from a No 5 Jungle cCarbine.  This piece shows a 18 3/4" barrel and an overall length of 38".  The bore on this piece rates at brig

Non-restricted Item #C3310

Winchester 1895 Vintage Carbine in 303

  • Price: $4,995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN442357 is an excellent plus example of a Winchester 1895 carbine.  This above average example shows 98%-99% of its original blue with crisp clear markings.  The wood shows all of its original fin

Non-restricted Item #C3111

Canadian EAL 303 Rifle

  • Price: $1,095.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN EAL 4675 is one of the several thousand EAL's built by Essential Agencies Limited (Canadian Arsenals) in the 1950's.  These rifles were built at Longbranch from No 4 MK1parts.  This example show

Non-restricted Item #C3109

Canadian Issue Lee Enfield Skeleton Trainer

  • Price: $1,295.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN162 is a factory built skeleton action buiilt for instructional purposes.  This example is relatively scarce by the fact that it bears Canadian markings.  As per page 527 of "The Lee Enfield"(Fin

Non-restricted Item #C2876

German Post WW2 West German Rifle

  • Price: $1,595.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN680 is an unusual 98 Mauser sporting rifle.  This rifle shows a 22 1/2" sporting barrel mounted with a ramp front and flip up 2 position rear sight.  This rifle appears to be chambered in 8 X 57J

Non-restricted Item #C2851

Howa 1500 in 300 Win Mag

  • Price: $1,195.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN B142170 is a Howa Model 1500 rifle in 300 Win mag.  The Howa is considered to be one of the accurate and reliable sporting rifles on the market.  This example is stocked in a walnut hardwood sto

Non-restricted Item #C2251

Savage Model 12 LRPV Rifle In 22-250 Rem

  • Price: $1,895.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN G122262 is a Savage LRPV long range precision Varminter rifle in 22-250 Remington caliber.  The fluted stainless barrel is 26" with bright,excellent bore.  The stainless action is mounted with a