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New Item #C4255

Ross Rifle 1905 Receiver

  • Price: $125.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Ross rifle 1905 receiver showing some original blue.  Complete with trigger unit.  Overall very good plus.  Note: All parts sold on a no return basis.  PAL required for purchase.

New Item #C4233

Browning Challenger (Old Model) Parts

  • Price: $250.00 CAD
  • Description:

    2.   Orignal black grips     $50

    3.  SLide with extractor & firing pin     $75

    4.  Barrel excellent blue & bore, no rear sight mounting       $200

New Item #C4191

Walther PPK Parts

  • Price: $175.00 CAD
  • Description:


    2.  Original WW2 grips, sound with small chips and crack on right top corner.  Easy fix, screw included     $175

Item #C4132

Delux H&R Shotgun Butt

  • Price: $100.00 CAD
  • Description:

    A new condition H & R shotgun butt stock.  This piece shows burled wood on both sides.  The stock remains in excellent condition with no indication that it was ever mounted on a gun.  This part

Item #C4104

U S Springfield 1896 Action

  • Price: $250.00 CAD
  • Description:

    US Krag 30-40 action with sporterized 22" barrel mounted with a modern ramped front sight.  The action shows clear US markings.  The bore on the barrel rates as bright excellent.  The action shows

Item #C4100

Beretta 1934 380 Parts

  • Price: $100.00 CAD
  • Description:

    1.  Slide, firing pin, sight & extractor, clear markings 1940.  $100

    4.  Trigger assmbly  $50

    5.  Hammer  $20

    6.  Safety catch  $35

    7.  Mag catch  $20

Item #C4097

Walther PPK Parts

  • Price: $350.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Walther PPK pre war parts:

               1.  Complete pre war slide.  Excellent Zella-Mellis, 98%originalblue complet with firing pin, safety, loaded indicator.  A special part $ 350.

Item #C4049

Colt 1849 Pocket Original Barrel

  • Price: $175.00 CAD
  • Description:

    5" barrel, this original barrel shows an overall brown finish and trace of the Colt two line address.  The bore shows rifling with corrosion but appears to be shootable.  This piece is a candidate

Item #C4040

Sharps & Hawkins Antique Parts

  • Price: $200.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Original Sharps and Hankins antique parts.  These are original parts that require cleaning.  Note :all parts sold on a no return basis.

    1.  Mainspring -   $85.00

Sold Item #C4022

Webley Fosbery Rare Parts

  • Description:

    Parts from a Webley Fosbery revolver. These parts are far from pristine but as they say" better than none".

    2.  Left side plate  -  $100.00

    3. Right side plate  -    $100.00

Item #C3990

Steyr 1908 parts

  • Price: $100.00 CAD
  • Description:

    1.  Barrel unit with bright, very good + bore  -  $100.00

    2.  Original mag with original blue -  $85.00

    3.  Upper frame Steyr & Pieper marked  - $60.00

Item #C3989

Steyr Model 1911 Parts

  • Price: $35.00 CAD
  • Description:


    3.  Safety -  $35.00

    4.  Trigger -  $35.00

    7.  Cartridge release - $25.00

    8.  Grip & floor plate screw  - $10.00


Item #C3988

Walther PPK Post War Parts (32 caliber)

  • Price: $60.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Parts for Walther PPK built at ULM.2.  Pair of original grips W/screw  -  $55.003.  Hammer  -   $60.004.  Trigger with spring -    $35.005.  Trigger guard -  $40.006.  Mag catch with spring -  $35.

Item #C3986

Parts For Martini Henry Rifles

  • Price: $75.00 CAD
  • Description:

    We have a significant collection of parts for the Martini Henry military large frame rifles.  If you order any parts please indicate the item number and the part number as advertised.  You may not

Item #C3975

Enfield Martini 303 Receiver

  • Price: $100.00 CAD
  • Description:

    1895 dated MM303 receiver, MKIII with excellent markings and inspector marks.  At some time,it was marked "Not for ball" as a riot shotgun barrel was probably installed.  A scarce Martini Metford r

Item #C3974

Snider Enfield MKIII Barrel/Action

  • Price: $185.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Snider MK III barrel unit.  This item shows a bright,very good plus bore, 5 grooves with light pitting.  MKIII action dated 1874.  Steel barrel with exterior pitting, original front sight and bayon

Item #C3963

Model 25 Savage Barrel Unit

  • Price: $250.00 CAD
  • Description:

    The Savage slide action Model 25 was built for the years 1925-29.  This item shows the 24" barrel with a bright very good to excellent bore and original scarce mag tube, forewood and action body . 

Item #C3942

Winchester 1886 Receiver (Frame)

  • Price: $245.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Winchester 1886 receiver.  This example shows some light dings and spots of pitting especially on the upper edges and along the top side of the tang.  This piece can be improved for a restoration p

Item #C3921

1871 Swiss Barreled Action

  • Price: $150.00 CAD
  • Description:

    41 Swiss RF barreled action.  The 33" original length barrel shows a bright very good plus bore, (Some light pitting in the grooves).

Sold Item #C3908

Lee Enfield No 1 MK III Complete Bolts

  • Description:

    Lee Enfield No 1 MKIII complete bolt, (includes head and extractor). Price per bolt is $100.  Note: all parts sold on  no return policy.

Item #C3875

Ruger Bearcat Parts

  • Price: $60.00 CAD
  • Description:

    All parts sold on a no return basis. All the parts are sound and in very good plus condition.

    1. Barrel, excellent blue and bore  $50.00

Item #C3898

1899 MK 1 Enfield Carbine Parts

  • Price: $1,395.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 413A is found on the barrel, receiver and sight.  The A indicates Enfield production .  This serial number falls in the same 400 range as do 14 carbines and bolts on the 1917 Armourers "Depot Pa