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Sold Item #22479

WWII Photo of Armed Forestry Corps

  • Description:

    A great 1943 photograph of the No. 17 company of the Canadian Forestry Corps. This unit shows a mix of both men and weapons.

Sold Item #20136

Original Artwork of ME-109 by Graha Wragg

  • Description:

    An original airbrush rendering by Canada's First fulltime aviation artist, Graham Wragg, this piece was commissioned in 1970 and is a ME BP 109 E-3 that was flown by Oblt.

Sold Item #26724

Original Remington Counter Display

  • Description:

    Original store display piece "Bugle Call" shows a bull elk. Size 25" by 22" , overall excellent condition slight wrinkles. On the exposed corners, the body of the display is quite sound.

Sold Item #C227

Original Rendering of Canadian Aircraft

  • Description:

    Framed original rendering of a Royal Canadian Firefly MKV from 825 squadron (1945-1951) This aircraft was restored as CF BND by Canadian war plane heritage .  The piece was done by Graham Wragg (se