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New Item #C5637

Swedish Browning Long 1903 Parts

  • Price: $150.00 CAD
  • Description:

    1. Slide with firing pin,extractor  - $150

    3. Grips           -                             $50

    4. Hammer                                     $40

New Item #C5635

Russian 410 Barrel

  • Price: $70.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Barrel for a Russian built 410 single shot shotgun, 26 1/2 ", 3" chamber, bright excellent bore, replaced front sight.Note: All parts are sold on a no return baqsis. 

New Non-restricted Item #C5292

Winchester 94 in 32 SPL Unfired

  • Price: $2,495.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 1449103 is a collector grade unfired Model 94 built in 1946 or 47 (no records of this era).  This rifle was purchased by the pior owner around the end of WW2.  It was put away and never fired or

New Non-restricted Item #C5298

Weatherby Vanguard in 270 WSM

  • Price: $995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN VS 330372 is a Vangaurd in 270 WSM caliber (new in 2005).  This piece shows a bright excellent bore.  The rifle was built in Japan and is so marked.  This piece is factory mounted with a Bushnel

New Antique Item #C5627

French Model 1822 Converted to Percussion

  • Price: $1,195.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Antique French Model 1822 Calvary Officer's pistol converted to percussion and called Officer's Pistol 1842.  This model was in 17.1 mm caliber.  This example shows a bright excellent rifled bore,

New Non-restricted Item #C5306

Winchester Model 94 32 WS Caliber

  • Price: $995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 926387 is a Winchester Model 94 built in 1923 per standard records.  This example shows a bright excellent bore, clear sharp markings and 85% original blue on barrel and mag tube.  The receiver

New Non-restricted Item #C5404

Long Branch No 7 1945 Dated

  • Price: $2,450.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 1L7455 , here we have a "like new" Long Branch No 7 from the second generation batch.  This example shows 99% original Parkerized finish and original wood finish with a bright as new bore.  This

New Non-restricted Item #C4337

Winchester 1902 Parts Gun

  • Price: $125.00 CAD
  • Description:

    NSN is a 1902 Winchester Boy's rifle.  This item is being sold as parts.  All parts sales are on a no return basis.  This piece shows a totally corroded bore.  The barrel shows crisp Winchester mar

New Antique Item #C5620

French Percussion Pistol Antique

  • Price: $1,995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Antique French pistol, the barrel shows the name of the town Davineau and the makers name in silver.  The right barrel flat shows a name that appears to be A, Garie?  We cannot determine if this wa

New Item #C5625

Winchester 1894 and 1895 Barrels

  • Price: $150.00 CAD
  • Description:

    1.   1895 octagonal barrel in 38-72 caiber, 30", clear markings showing.  A bright but slightly worn bore.  $100

Sold Antique Item #C5609

Manton London Dueling Pistol

  • Description:

    Sn 3014 , matching on wood & barrel, is a Manton Dueling pistol built 1791. This single piece shows a 10" barrel with Manton London in gold.

Item #C5624

U.S. Bayonet in Unissued Condition

  • Price: $175.00 CAD
  • Description:

    1.   All original and unissued U.S. Civil War bayonet.  This example shows a mint blade 16 1/2" long.  The ricasso shows the U.S.

Item #C5622

Civil War Dug Up Lock Plates

  • Price: $300.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Two Civil War gun locks dug up by the now deceased former owner.  Unfortunately, we don't know from which battle field they were recovered.  A great pair of display items.  Sold as pair.

Non-restricted Item #C5612

Maverick Arms Model 88 12 Gauge Shotgun

  • Price: $375.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN HV816788 A is a Model 88 pump action shotgun, 12 gauge, 2 3/4 and 3".  This variation shows this example is the 88 security model with a 18 1/2" barrel cyl bore and 6 shot mag.  This piece was b

Item #C5586

Colt Patent Mold

  • Price: $215.00 CAD
  • Description:

    All brass Colt mold marked Colt's patent.  Clean cavities, the outside, however shows numerous usage marks.  The interior and cavities are in sound condition.  A little accessory to go with a 49 Co

Item #C5579

Canadian WW2 Flaregun Holster

  • Price: $85.00 CAD
  • Description:

    WW2 flare gun holster built by MS&U Ltd. (Canada), dated 1942.  Sound example of a wartime holster for the militaria or flaregun collector.

Item #C5587

Lee Enfield Barrel and Action For LEC 1 Carbine

  • Price: $795.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 766 is a barrel and action for a Lee Enfield carbine dated 1896.  The barrel and receiver are matching.  Bore rates good to very good shootable bore.  The barrel remains mounted with it's origin

Item #C5580

All Wood Maxim 08/15 Machine Gun

  • Price: $595.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Non gun is a all wood Maxim machine gun.  This piece shows an overall length of 56".  This wooden gun was built by a senior citizen from New Brunswick many years ago.  It was reported that he built

Item #C5574

Swiss Vetterli Rifle Parts

  • Price: $275.00 CAD
  • Description:

    This lot consists of various Swiss Vetterli parts.  Sold as lot only.  All parts are very good to excellent.  Lot consists of 13 most needed or lost parts and are in sound clean condition.  Note: 

Non-restricted Item #C5566

1898 Lee Enfield Carbine

  • Price: $1,295.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 9791 is a L.E.C MKI parts carbine.  This item is being sold as parts or item to be rebuilt.  The piece shows matching numbers on the barrel and receiver however the bolt is 8984.  The bore shows

Item #C5567

Indian Katar Original Antique

  • Price: $495.00 CAD
  • Description:

    This East Indian Kater (push dagger) is all original and probably dates to late 18th century.  This example shows a 10 1/2" double blade with a very pronounced 3 1/2" swelled point allowing the bla

Antique Item #C5559

New Land Pattern Brown Bess Musket

  • Price: $3,995.00 CAD
  • Description:

    We are pleased to offer a scarce 1st pattern New Land musket circa 1802, page 149 {plate42} of Blackmore" British Military Firearms 1650 to 1850".   This pattern of musket was never issued in Canad

Antique Item #C5554

Russon & Co Troy NY Percussion Rifle

  • Price: $1,595.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Flint lock rifle made by Russom & Co of Troy NY, was later converted to percussion.  This rifle shows a 37 1/2" octagonal barrel, rifled in 45 caliber.  The rifle shows it's original lock plate

Item #C5571

Quebec Home Guard Bayonet Frog

  • Price: $75.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Built by Fisher & Son's, Quebec CIty, 1914 for the 71/84 Quebec Home guard guns.  Marked QHG # 383 and 92/ & 18 for the regiment Zuave following WW1.  Sound but could use some leather treat

Antique Item #C5550

Percussion Blunderbuss Built by Richardson

  • Price: $3,500.00 CAD
  • Description:

    A Blunderbuss originally built as a flintlock and later converted to percussion.  This piece was built by Richardson who was noted for quality and finish of his pieces.  This iron barrel piece show