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New Item #C2569

Resistol Texas Made Western Hat

  • Price: $60.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Resistol western straw cow-boy hat.  Built in Texas, size 7 1/4 4 xxxx.  Nice quality western man hat in excellent condition.

Sold Item #C2572

303 Once Fired Brass IVI 1982

  • Description:

    Lot of 100 303 once fired brass shell casings for the reloader packed in 2.4 lb bags. All cases show the original fired primers.

Sold Restricted Item #C2586

Webley MKVI Royal Navy Issue Rig

  • Description:

    SN N2710 is a Webley MKVI 455 caliber revolver.  Originally issued to the British Army, this revolver shows reissue to the Royal Navy.  The original serial numbers were armory struck off and replac

Sold Item #C2549

280 Ross Cartridge Box

  • Description:

    Scarce original Ross rifle Company partial box of 280 Ross cartridges. This two piece box shows a brown label with the graphics of the round on the front face of the box.

New Item #C2565

Reg Zouave Quebec Tunic Circa 1920

  • Price: $70.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Original circa 1920 Quebec Reg Zouave tunic.  This piece is all wool construction.  All decorative braiding remains in place with10 brass ball on each sleve.  #3 collar dogs in place No mothing but

Sold Item #C2566

Lee Enfield Barrel For No 1 MKIII * Rifle

  • Description:

    WW2 1942 production dated barrel for Lee Enfield No MKIII* 303 rifle.  Complete barrel unit with original sights.  All original finish and bright excellent bore.  The Parkerized finish rates at 95%

New Item #C2581

Vintage Antique Kris With Early Blade

  • Price: $195.00 CAD
  • Description:

    An antique Kris circa 1850's with an early style of Kris blade.  The blade is 13" long built with a hammered type of Damascus iron.  This example is probably from Southern Thailand or Malaya.  The

Sold Item #C2563

RCMP Belt & Holster Rig

  • Description:

    RCMP belt and holster unit for the S&W 38 Model 10 revolver.  This piece remains in excellent plus condition.  Built by Lortie and Co., Montreal, size 36.

Sold Item #C2548

Peters Full Box of 33 Winchester Cartridges

  • Description:

    Original full box of 33 Winchester 200 gr sp built by Peters.  All cartridges remain is excellent condition.  The box shows edge wear and its obvious age, but remains sound.  The 33 Winchester cart

New Item #C2560

Winchester MD 1890 Buttstock Unit

  • Price: $295.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Winchester Model 1890 buttstock unit.  This piece came from rifle SN 242960 circa 1904-05.  This part shows a sound buttstock with normal usage marks but no crackes or breaks.  The butt plate is or

Sold Item #C2561

WW2 Canadian (RCAF) Bren Barrel and Parts Pouch

  • Description:

    Canadian WW2 Bren gun spare barrel and parts pouch.  This piece shows the C broad arrow marking.  This example remains in sound overall condition.  An interesting and uncommon part of this lot is t

Sold Item #C2562

Vintage Lyman 310 Tool For 222 Remington

  • Description:

    Lyman Ideal 310 tool for the 222 Remington cartridge.  This unit comes in its original box with the tool and all 6 of the dies etc.  Overall excellent condition tools and box.

New Item #C2546

WW2 German MP 40 Magazine Loader

  • Price: $275.00 CAD
  • Description:

    MP-41 Schmeisser magazine loader.  This is an original 1940 dated loader built by Steyr.  The left side of the body shows 98E 41 waffen mark 815.  The right shows the designation MP 38U 40.  This l

Sold Item #C2559

Lot of New Anschutz Rifle Parts

  • Description:

    Lot of new Anschutz parts.  This lot consists of the following- 1. action for Anschutz Model 64 complete with trigger group and complete bolt.  New in factory bag.

New Item #C2574

Lot of US Civil War Dug Up Items

  • Price: $100.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Lot of 33 pieces of Civil War dug-up bullets, cartridges, buttons and related material.  All come in a 12 1/2 by 8 rector mount.  An excellent small grouping and display item.

New Item #C2567

Royal Navy Trench Art Vase 1909

  • Price: $75.00 CAD
  • Description:

    HMS Retribution built 1891 was a British Appollo class crusier sold in 1911.  This trench art vase is a 32 5/8 X 6" shell marked Hotchki and silver plated, dated Venezuela 1909.

New Item #C2542

Original Antique Canadian Powder Horn

  • Price: $175.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Antique powder horn.  This Canadian horn is 14" by 3" across the base.  We estimate that this example was built circa 1860-1870's.  The base plug is secured by three hand forged brads.  There is a

New Item #C2558

Ross Rifle Smoke Discharger

  • Price: $895.00 CAD
  • Description:

    This is a deactivated WW2 smoke generator designed to be mounted on armoured vehicles.  This example shows matching serial numbers 1513 on the barrel base and the action.  The discharge cup is corr

New Item #C2530

Lot of 13 Brass Shot Shells

  • Price: $125.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Lot of 13 brass fired shot shells.  1.  Solid brass case 4" marked DL approximately 4 gauge.   2.  Two  8 gauge shells one marked Kynoch pattern.  The second one is 3 1/2 case not headstamp.

New Prohib Item #C2553

CZ 27 32 Auto Pistol

  • Price: $175.00 CAD
  • Description:

    C7 27 post WWII production is SN 588306 built in 1949.  These appear to be scarcer in Canada than the pre & WW2 variations.  This example shows a bright, excellent bore, 95% blue and straw colo

New Antique Item #C2556

English 12 Bore Fowling Piece

  • Price: $375.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Antique English Fowling piece 12 gauge with 33" barrel and an overall length of 49".  The barrel is a two step octagonal to wedding ring to round configuration.  The bore rates as antique very good