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Sold Item #C3009

Remington 22 LR 975 Rounds

  • Description:

    Lot of 975 rounds of Remington 22 high velocity.  Lot consists of one 475 high velocity REM/UMC commerative tin and one 500 round unopened brick of 22 long rifle ammo.

Sold Antique Item #C3041

French Model Year XIII Cavalry Pistol

  • Description:

    Antique French Cavalry Pistol, 201 mm barrel and overall length approx 13 3/4".  The breech shows a date of 1807.  The triggerguard is marked CC1845.  Overall sound crisp action.  The brass is soun

New Restricted Item #C3060

Browning Medalist International Early Model Pistol

  • Price: $1,595.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN61230T74 is one of the scarcer Browning International Medalist 22 target pistols.  This example is one of only 681 built 1971 to 1974 T serial .  This example was 1974 dated.  This scarce pistol

Sold Item #C3061

Canadian Pattern 1888 bayonet Unit Marked

  • Description:

    Pattern 88 bayonet dated 10/96 built by Wilkinson.  This Canadian issue bayonet is marked with a 582 issue number on the crossguard.  The scabbard is marked on the frog stud RRC 2 issue #331 (Royal

Sold Item #C3007

Lot of 2 Winchester/Western Boxes

  • Description:

    Two interesting .30 Govt 1906 (30-06) full cartridge boxes.  Winchester Super Speed 1939 box, 180 grain not common due to the introduction of the Grizzly Box in 1940.  A complete box shows edge wea

Sold Non-restricted Item #C3046

Winchester 1895 Rifle Parts Gun

  • Description:

    Winchester 1895 Sn 6517 built in 1897.  This rifle is mechanically sound, overall grey blue finish with sound wood.  This rifle is being sold as parts due to the fact that the barrel shows no addre

New Item #C3039

Dewat FN L1A1 Rifle

  • Price: $745.00 CAD
  • Description:

    L1A1 FN 7.62 caliber dewated military rifle.  This rifle  was all matching and built at R.F.1 in 1972.  This piece is a non firearm and was deactivated to the current standards.  The action is weld

New Non-restricted Item #C3036

Winchester P-14 303 Parts Gun

  • Price: $325.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SNW33085 is a sporterized Winchester P14 303 caliber rifle.  This piece shows a matching barrel and action.  The bore rates as bright good plus.  It shows corrosion but appears to be very shootable

Sold Item #C3050

Small Pistol Powder Flask

  • Description:

    Excellent small antique powder flask.  This piece shows an overall length of 4 1/4" from the top of the spout to the ring stud at the bottom.  The maximum width at the bulge is 1 1/2".  All origina

Sold Item #C3004

Belt of WW 2 30-06 US Cartridges

  • Description:

    49 round belt of U.S. WW2 30-06.  All headstamped RA Remington ,1944 date.  Clean original loads and links. Nice item for part of a display.

New Antique Item #C3033

U.S. 1808 Contract Flint Musket Built By Pomeroy

  • Price: $2,750.00 CAD
  • Description:

    U.S. 1808 contract flint lock musket.  This example was built by Pomeroy from Pittsfield Mass. for various U.S. states.  With 42" barrel, original flint lock, the breech is marked SN Pover S.J.

Sold Item #C3001

German Can and Belted 8 MM Ammo

  • Description:

    WW2 German can and 8 MM belted ammo for the MG 34 and the MG 42.  The can shows multi layers of old green paint.  It was probably reissued multiple times in the post war era.  The belt is original

Sold Item #C3037

"Colt's New Service Revolver" book

  • Description:

    Excellent 272 page book on the Colt New Service revolver.  Published by Collector Grade Publications, author Timothy J. Mulling, 396 illustrations. Used but new condition.

New Item #C3038

English Barnette Flint Pistol With Belt Hook

  • Price: $1,595.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Antique English Officers pistol built by Thomas Barnett, gunmaker, Minories, London 1796-1810.  This is a better grade pistol with a platinum-lined vent and blade front sight.

Sold Item #C3016

Two German WW2 K98 Ammo Pouches

  • Description:

    Scarcer brown leather pouch dated 1938 or 39.  Excellent overall but one of the ammo seperator straps detached on one side, Berlin maker marked.

Sold Non-restricted Item #C3022

Remington Model 812 410 Shotgun

  • Description:

    Remington Model 812, 410 gauge, 3" single shot shotgun.  This example has been used but shows a bright excellent bore.  The back end of the barrel and top of the receivershow some light pitting ass

Sold Antique Item #C3027

Antique Snider MKIII Parts Rifle

  • Description:

    Antique Snider MKIII short rifle.  This sporterized short rifle is an ideal candidate for restoration or parts.  This piece was built with the steel barrel by BSA in 1872.  The barrel remains at it

Sold Item #C3028

Vintage Revolver Cartridge Clip Corp Speed Loader

  • Description:

    This item is from the WW2 era.  Information on these can be found on the net.  Built in NY by the Revolver Cartridge Clip Corp.New York.  This piece remains in its "as found" condition and is loade

Sold Item #C2996

Lot of 100 Rounds Surplus Military 303

  • Description:

    Bag lot of 100 rounds of 303 FMG.  Mixed headstamps and dats but most rounds are Canadian DA from the WW2 era.  Clean FMJ 303 surplus ammo. 

Sold Item #C2995

50 Round Belt of 8 MM Mauser

  • Description:

    50 rounds of 8 MM FMG manufactured by FN dated Nov 1968.  Ammo rates as excellent.  The mag rides in a linked belt for the WW2 German MG-34 machine gun.  Item for display or use.